Issue— #1

Issue No. 1

What if you could bring together a group consisting of some of your favorite and most admired writers, and then have each one write whatever he or she wished, without any pressure from the literary marketplace or any editorial gain-saying? Black Clock 1 sets out to accomplish many things, one of them being to envision the myriad ways this scenario might play out.

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  • Arielle Greenberg
    Wearing Not My Veil
  • Peter Gadol
    Modernhaus Projekt-H, 1933 (Unbuilt)
  • Rick Moody
    Rules For Flagellants
  • Heidi Julavits
    The Eternal Helen
  • Joanna Scott
    Rain On Concrete
  • Bradford Morrow
  • Nicholas Royle
    'T Zuid
  • Samuel R. Delany
    A Conversation
  • Anthony Miller
    Charting The Sensual And Cerebral Worlds, Or A Samuel R. Delany Pantheon
  • Rebecca Goldstein
    Dark Afterthoughts On Fiction And The Self
  • Aimee Bender
  • Mary Caponegro
    Toyota Widow
  • Bruce Bauman
    And The Word Was
  • David Foster Wallace
  • Jonathan Lethem
    The National Anthem
  • Arielle Greenberg
    Private, I

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