Current Issue— #21

Issue No. 21

In the final, 21st issue of Black Clock, the world ends with both a BANG and a whimper, depending who’s telling the tale. Apocalypse planetary and personal, metaphoric and literary blows up twelve years of Black Clock in a dispatch by T. C. Boyle from after the plague, a legend by Nalo Hopkinson from before the deluge, Rick Moody’s memoir of sexual limbo, one of the shortest short stories written by cosmic miniaturist Lydia Davis, and bookending contemplations by Jonathan Lethem and Richard Powers, who notes, “The thing we dread the most will make possible (again) those endless forms most beautiful.”

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“Each issue arrives in the reader's hands as an artifact throbbing with potential and strangeness, new names and old names in wild conjunctions and brave forays, a journal to drive the collectors of the future into acquisitive frenzies.”
—Jonathan Lethem

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