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Black Clock is printed by Lightning Source in the United States, the United Kingdom and in Australia.

Black Clock is available in the US and Canada through Ingram, (800) 937-8000. Black Clock is available worldwide through our distribution partners listed below.

US: Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, NACSCORP, Espresso Book Machine, Amazon

UK: Bertrams, Blackwell, Book Depository LRD, Coutts Information Services Ltd, Gardners, Mallory International, Paperback Shop Ltd, Eden Interactive Ltd, Aphrohead, I.B.S. – STL U.K., Agapea, Adlibris, Amazon

Australia: The Nile, Emporium Books Online, Dennis Jones & Associates, ALS Library Services, James Bennett, DA Information Services

Know a bookstore that should carry Black Clock or want to carry Black Clock in your bookstore? Write us at info@blackclock.org and tell us about it.

Black Clock is available nationwide at selected Barnes & Noble and Hastings stores. In addition, Black Clock is sold by independent booksellers in:


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  • Arizona
    • Changing Hands Bookstore
  • California
    • Family Bookstore
    • Moon News
    • Copperfield's Books
    • Good News
    • Green Apple Books
    • Smoke Signals
    • Stacey's
    • Bookshop Santa Cruz
    • Sawyer's News, Inc.
    • Beyond Baroque
    • Book Soup
    • Dutton's Beverly Hills Books
    • Skylight Books
    • Paras Newsstand
    • Hillcrest News
  • Canada
    • Readers Nook
  • Connecticut
    • News Haven
  • Illinois
    • Barbara's Bookstore
    • Mayuba Books
    • Quimby's Bookstore
  • Indiana
    • Northside News
  • Iowa
    • Prairie Lights Books
  • Maryland
    • The Writer's Center
  • Massachusetts
    • Brookline Booksmith
    • Trident Booksellers & Cafe
  • Michigan
    • Shaman Drum Bookshop
  • New York
    • Book Court
    • Talking Leaves ...Books
  • Oregon
    • Rich's Cigar Store
  • Texas
    • Book People
    • Issues Magazine Store
  • Vermont
    • Book King
  • Washington
    • Bulldog News
    • The Elliott Bay Book Company
  • Wisconsin
    • Harry W. Schwartz Bookshop

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“Black Clock measures the temper of the turning world -- a journal of ideas, provocations and cultural leaps, with some of the best writing anywhere.”
—Don DeLillo

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