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In Search of an Autobot Poetics


I am in search of an autobot poetics.

That’s auto- as in automatic and -bot as in chatterbot, so you can put your toys back into the shoebox for now.  If a handful of stanzas on ancient shapeshifting robots waging battle while their engines explode with raw power was all I was after, my search

Now That's Good Copy

Probably, you don’t need me to tell you this but people are trying to sell you things. Take this morning, for example. As usual, I awoke to find myself at the kitchen table cradling a pot of coffee to my bosom, a burning sensation in my nose, throat and bosom. On the plate in front of me sat a naked banana. So far, this was acceptable. Suddenly, however, I happened to blink and whammo—there was the ad for Zoo Balls™ flickering away on the inside of my eyelids, the sound and the fury of its manic battle hymn ringing in my ears.

Our Ekphrastic Days

In this experiment, Diana Arterian attempts to define the undefinable.

The Soul of a Man

i’ve got too many girlfriends
who’d be cool chicks if they weren’t such cunts
Ah, bowl of dicks,
they mean nothin, baby.
It was Halloween on the blue Nile, you know how it gets.
i’ll deposit the pictures i took in my spank bank.
the female form looks best behind a shower curtain.

Internet Found Poem

no, they have not split
_______________ (the cork
_______________ & the dumb thumb)
real slick
__________shake it
_______________ like a shiny new mohawk