Issue— #17

Issue No. 17

Charting the crossroads of obsession and the back alleys of eroticism, Black Clock 17 is a topography of forbidden passions. The afterglow of an affair leaves a woman to satisfy a more illicit yearning in Dana Spiotta’s “Watch,” a group of teen orgiasts converge in Tom McCarthy’s “Pyramid Party” to recreate the sexual humiliations of Abu Ghraib, and in Aimee Bender’s “Vigilante,” a young female police captain intrudes on the psychodramas of strangers to enforce the laws of the heart…

  • Arielle Greenberg
    Pastoral: I Lay on the Shore Naked this Morning at Dawn and Thought Again about Submission
  • Tom McCarthhy
    Pyramid Party
  • Dana Spiotta
  • Jay Neugeboren
    For an Hour of Your Time
  • Cecil Castellucci
    Himself, Multiplied
  • Tara Ison
    Multiple Choice
  • Scott Bradfield
    The Man Who Couldn't Give It Away
  • Andrew Nicholls
  • Antonia Crane
  • Ryan Bloom
    Naked as a Window
  • Jeffrey Moskowitz
  • Clare Marie Myers
    Jesus, Etc.
  • Arielle Greenberg
    Pastoral: In the Pines
  • Arielle Greenberg
    Pastoral: Homesteading
  • Henry Bean
    The Sleep Deeps' Annual Photo
  • Saehee Cho
    Business Trip
  • Katie Ryder
    The Song and the Story
  • Joe Milazzo
    Monk and Nica
  • Erin Brooks Worley
    I Address You
  • Dayna Dunne
    At Arms
  • Doug Matus
    Son of Perdition
  • Aimee Bender
  • Arielle Greenberg
    Pastoral: Altered Animals

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