Issue— #15

Issue No. 15

In a movie issue like no other, Black Clock 15 features Geoff Nicholson’s meeting of two film pioneers in “Buster Keaton: The Warhol Years,” David Thomson’s journey up the Amazon with Warren Beatty, and Anthony Miller’s history of the cinema — from D.W. Griffith’s adaptation of Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises (presenting Louise Brooks as Lady Brett) to Don Siegel’s ‘60s cult B-movie Bonnie and Clyde with Tuesday Weld and Clint Eastwood, to the 2010 Academy Award-winning portrayal by Chris Farley of silent comedic actor Fatty Arbuckle in Milos Forman’s The Life of the Party.

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  • Anthony Miller
    A History of the Cinema 1920-2014
  • Jonathan Lethem
    Missed Opportunities
  • Michael Ventura
    Lou 'n' Charlie
  • Tom Carson
    Double or Nothing
  • Lynne Tillman
    Two Serious Ladies: The Film
  • C.M. Rennet
    Fremont, Ryder J.
  • Arion Berger
    Termite Terrace
  • Geoffrey O'Brien
    Program Notes for a Festival of Lost Films
  • Howard Hampton
    Breakaway: Summer of '69
  • Geoff Nicholson
    Buster Keaton: The Warhol Years (an oral history)
  • Claire Phillips
    Invisible Woman
  • Janet Sarbanes
    Lisa Bieberman: An Interview
  • Matthew Specktor
    Maximum Dogbreath
  • Ernest Hardy
    The Bodyguard
  • Amy Monaghan
    The Ending Was Lost From the Start
  • Janet Sternburg
    The Dreamer (after Bresson)
  • Kyra Simone
    Zazie dans le Passage Invisible
  • Tisa Bryant
    The Curator
  • David Thomson
    Breakfast Up the Amazon
  • Emily White
    Have a Nice Apocalypse
  • Mark Z. Danielewski
    Clip 4
  • Jonathan Lethem
    Opportunity Unbidden

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