Issue— #14

Issue No. 14

Following last fall’s acclaimed “mix tape” edition of Black Clock, which summarized the magazine’s first seven years, issue #14 introduces a Black Clock that’s new in look and design even as it continues to press beyond the creative barriers the national literary journal already has broken. Both in its contributors and subject matter, this new Black Clock finds women on the verge: of revelation, euphoria, madness and history.

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  • Sarah Vap
    Is Winter To Blame For This
  • Jazmin Aminian Jordán
    Out From Under Mirrors
  • Katherine Min
    The Fetishist
  • Sara Gerot
    Doing Crystal
  • Tiffany Promise
  • Merrill Feitell
    The Quiet Contest
  • Joseph McElroy
    Silk, Or The Woman With The Bike
  • Sarah Wang
    I'll Come Back For You
  • Lynne Tillman
    Angela And Sal
  • Geoff Dyer
  • Marisa Crawford
    I Mean It
  • Tara Ison
    The Biggest Cross In The Western Hemisphere
  • Kate Wolf
  • Rick Moody
    Primate Research
  • Jay Neugeboren
  • Seth Greenland
    The Angry Buddhist
  • Scott Bradfield
    Happy To Be Nice
  • Samantha Cohen
    Creation Story
  • Peter Frank
    Shivery Evenings And Madcap Factions
    Certificate Of Appropriateness
  • Kiki Petrosino
    Top Of A Dumpling, Top Of A Temple
    The Peaceful Heart Has No Hang-Ups
  • Ddum Kim
  • Tom Carson
    Daisy Buchanan's Daughter
  • Jeff VanderMeer
  • Stephen O'Connor
    The Final Frontier
  • Sarah Gambito
    Holiday 2

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“Black Clock provides a much needed fix of experimental fiction and adventurous writing. If you're getting the itch for some literary stimulation, cut down on the lattes and invest in a subscription.”
—Carlos Ruiz Zafon

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