Black Clock Editor Steve Erickson's Just-Published Novel is "These Dreams of You" (Europa Editions)


“Truly electrifying. In its gorgeous, vivid prose and its acutely sensitive soul, These Dreams of You shows us just what a novel can still do in our own crazy times.”
The Boston Globe

“Beautiful, elegiac…threads and characters serendipitously stumble through a missing-link chain of coincidences, with mazes and labyrinths both real and imagined…a complex and imaginative literary tapestry about family and identity.”
Kirkus (starred review)

“Actions echo across time, continents and realities…a series of endless, astounding tessellations….”
The New York Times Book Review

“Erickson is superb at striking emotional notes, conjuring up historical figures, and ruminating on race and identity....These Dreams of You pushes against the idea of the novel as a stagnated medium by flexing its own vitality.

“Magnificent. These Dreams of You is a big novel of big ideas — emotionally capacious and desperately relevant. As readers rush headlong toward its climax, they may feel as if they have emerged from something like a fever dream, as torrents of ideas and images wash over them (read in as few sittings as possible for maximum effect).”
New York Journal of Books


Thursday, February 16, 7 p.m.: Los Angeles Downtown Central Library, ALOUD with Percival Everett (

Wednesday, February 22, 7:30 p.m.: Skylight Books, Los Angeles (

Monday, February 27, 7 p.m.: Elliott Bay, Seattle (

Tuesday, February 28, 7 p.m.: Tosca Café, San Francisco (

Tuesday, March 27, 7 p.m.: BookCourt, Brooklyn


  1. AJA says:

    Steve Erickson should vist and read in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (or Chicago?). We have some pretty great bookstores in the MW. Busting to read the new one!

  2. […] especially since the Second World War. California novelist Steve Erickson’s recent These Dreams of You has tried to rework the Great American Novel trope for the Obama […]

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